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To preserve the meticulously created brand values without compromising the quality of products and services and to carry them further.


Together with INNOVA MADENCILIK's employees, we aim to be an institution that will become a symbol of quality and trust by providing continuous benefits with its working methods and values, as well as its product and service quality, and we aim to be a company that appeals to the world market with its sustainable development.




  • We are the strongest solution partner of our customers; Chromium  With our deep-rooted history of 40 years in ore, we produce customer-oriented solutions and continue to be your reliable solution partner with our unrivaled stock and supply power.

  • We meet customer demands quickly and completely,

  • Seeing our customers as our business partners,
    we build long-term relationships as a support with our expertise,

  • Customer happiness; With our years of experience in chrome ore, we take our place in the sector with a justified prestige and trust by giving importance to customer satisfaction before and after sales,

  • We follow innovative mindsets; By following the developing innovations in Turkey and in the world, we aim to meet the demands of our customers and employees with the most accurate solutions.

  • We strive to be effective and solution-oriented in all our suggestions,

  • We believe in continuity; With 40 years of experience, we act in a way that will carry the trust provided in the sector further together with our customers and employees.

  • We bear responsibility; We are aware of our responsibility towards our customers, employees, society and business partners,

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