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Chromium Properties and General Information

Product Features and Uses

Chromium, a metallic element, has an atomic number of 24 and an atomic weight of 51,996.

Chrome, which is a bright, bluish white, easily broken metal like silver, is very resistant to air, does not deteriorate in humid weather, that is, does not rust. Because of this nature, many of the metals that are likely to rust are covered with a thin layer of chromium. Chromium is primarily used to harden iron. Since the chromium-iron alloy is very hard, it is useful in making abrasive tools such as files. Iron, in which a chromium-nickel alloy is added, gives a very durable and flexible steel. Various machine parts, armors, bridges, electrical resistors are made from them.

It is used in the hardening of steel, in the production of stainless steel and in obtaining alloys that will increase the durability of other metals. It is also widely used as an anti-corrosion coating, especially in automobile parts and cutting tools. Due to its high melting temperature, it is also in demand in brick and mold making. Chromium concentrate is an indispensable part of the Metal and Steel industry.

Chromium concentrate is used by Chinese manufacturers in Ferro-Chromium production. It is the raw material of steel and metals used in many industries together with ferro-chrome iron mine. The quality of steel and other metals increases as the ratio of chromium, which gives steel its strength, durability, rustproofness and shine, increases. Many products strengthened with chromium are frequently used in the construction, weapons, manufacturing, health and decoration industries.


Properties of Chromium

Symbol: Cr

Atomic weight: 52

Number of atoms: 24

Melting point: 1907  °C

Boiling point: 2671  °C

Density: 7.19 g cm-3

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